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We have in stock over 608 different crimp on fittings. We now have the ability to crimp air conditioing lines. We stock pressure washer hoses in 50' and 100' sections. Over 60 different clamps for just about anything. Over 1283 adaptor fittings including metric. 116 different style hose's from 1/8 to 4 inch ID. Strobe lights and other safety products like mirrors. Lights for your heavy truck or trailer including L.E.D. 706 different style brass fittings - barbs, air brake, ect. Have in stock heavy duty and light inerestate batteries. Pressure gauges from 0-60 to 0-10,000 PSI in stock. Plyurethane hose protection can be added for long life. Stock stainless air compressor line -40 degrees to 440 degrees. Stock backup alarms, switches, fuses plugs and more. Milton Products in stock for your shop. Need new wipers for your vehicle we have them. We also have all of these items in stock brake cleaner, glass cleaner, anti seize, teflon tape, spray paint, dielectric grease, electrical tape and more.

Most out of stock items only one day away.

Ask us about discounts for large orders.